Sunday, July 5, 2009

I always...

Monday: July 06, 2009

When I was young,
I always wanted to see the world as an adult, think about some serious issues without a lollipop in my cute mouth, have a cigarette under my sexy lips.
I always wanted to wear t-shirts without the printings of 'mickey mouse' on them, drive a nice car with a real engine, have some hairs on my chin.
I always wanted to hold a beautiful girl's hand, put a diamond ring on her finger and vow to protect her as long as God allows me to be her angel.
I always wanted to have my kids reading Cinderella books, watch some cool movies and breathe fresh breeze along a white sand beach with them by my side.

I always wanted...


Khalis Afnan said...

u still have the chance to grasp all the things u've coveted~~
good luck k ^_^

shafarshahril said...

ok khel