Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I was once in form one, and now i'm twenty-one

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 (hari tiket wayang murah kat M'sia)

I looked at a calender on my room's wall, and I saw 4 digits..
I did a simple calculation back in my head.
2009 - 1988 = 21.
I'm 21 this year. Sigh~
Thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to stay alive.

Last Sunday I went to my former school, SBPI Rawang aka Sepintar to attend a sharing program with my juniors, batch SPM09. Did I sound like an angel? I hope I did. I went there with my other fellow friends, Ehsan Ashraf, Shahmi, Ehsan Saleh, Azad Iqram, Muadz and Rahmah. It was actually a small reunion for us. Muadz with his fragrance collection, Rahmah with her 'gigi' story, Ehsan Saleh with his actuarial science. Esan acap, shami and azad...we already had an exciting reunion beforehand. A good one for sure.

The sharing was the main agenda but meeting with the juniors was a breathtaking experience. After like almost 4 years, I finally got the chance to meet them again. Masing-masing dah besar.


Teringat dulu time orientasi diorg in early 2005. Masing2 comel2 and kecik2 lagi. Time xbole blah ialah time OBH...kelakar giler, walaupun diorg sbnrnye tau yang hantu2 dan bunyi2an sume tu adelah artificial..sume feeling2 mcm real. Adela fasi2 yang kene blasah time tu ngn korg. haha.
Teringat dulu time aku form 1 kat sambest (2001). Time OBH gak telor amanah aku pecah..smpai bau telor seluar trek aku. Time tu pon aku mcm diorg, ditipu dgn senior2 yg ckp kitorg akan di bawa ke kubur cina. mmg cuak giler. dahla kene kluar sorg2. igt lg, final destination dlm obh tu ialah kubur yg ade pocong. spatutnye sume org akan t'kejut bile bukak penutup mata, sbb pocong b'diri depan mata..tp sbb ak da bukak kain tutp mata awal2..so xluruhla jantung aden tgk pocong tu.

That was my story which is now an unforgettable memory. Blues utk aku...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh Malaysiaku yang indah

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome back Shafar!

On May 19, I stepped again on the land of my beloved Malaysia. Alhamdulillah. Damn, Malaysia is freaking hot! But it is way better than having a life in an unbelievable cold winter. For those who are staying in the States for this summer, here are some cool stuff I get in Malaysia:

1. Cendol. Summer with a bowl of cendol is heaven!
2. Mom's cooking. Always tastes better.
3. Kuala Lumpur. NYC can't beat KL.never.
4. The true teh tarik and roti canai. Breakfast never taste good without those two.
5. Family. I should've put this on top of the list

Cuti ni, keje aku adalah:
1. Makan semua benda yang aku teringin mkn.
2. M'internet yg tak pantas.
3. Melayan kerenah anak2 buah.
4. Ronggeng2 kat kl.
5. Lepak ngan kawan2.
6. Dan sebagainya...