Friday, October 30, 2009


People will layer up their clothes when the temperature goes below freezing
To be naked in the winter is not sexy but crazy
Leaves will fall down to the earth when the sky is about to shower tonnes of ices
To be naked in the winter is a must for most trees. Why?

Because trees need water, not ice
They need light, not darkness
How about us?
People need love that cares
Not love that just bites!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Jom pegi zoo

Orang kata,
Masuk kandang kambing, mengembek (mmbbbekkk)
Masuk kandang lembu, mengembu (boooo)
Masuk kandang harimau, mengaum (bunyi rimau)

Tapi saya kata,
Masuk kandang kambing, minta izin dari tuannya
Masuk kandang lembu, perah susunya
Masuk kandang harimau, cabut lari la

No matter where you are, just be yourself. You can grab any opportunity that comes to you, but always remember who you are. Be osmotic to all the things that will give benefits to you but express your repelling ability to all the things that will destroy you.

 Gambar: Pengarang di rantau orang

Thursday, October 22, 2009

dress to impress!

I have one habit; when I walk on a street, I will look around. I will look at how people look like. How they dress, how they talk, what they read etc. When I look at a young man who wears oversize jacket, I will say this to my mind; "Dude, wear some slimmed-down clothes, and you will look more sophisticated". When I see a person talking to himself, my mind will respond "Is this guy crazy?".

One day, I saw an old man, 60++ yrs old perhaps. He was wearing a baggy denim short, a pair of skater's sneakers, a bold cap, a graffiti t-shirt and a skull-printed sweatshirt. He was like a high school boy who loves to break dance. He was wearing something that was waayyyy too young for him. Did he miss his teenage years? Or maybe break dance was not around when he was young. Then I knocked my head. I shouldn't judge someone based on his outer layer. I should go deep. I might miss something very important just by looking with bare eyes. But please old man, be real! It's not cool to look like a high school boy when wrinkles are all over your

No matter what kind of crisis you are in, always look smart. You are not letting the outsiders to look down on you. They don't know you, so give them a good first impression. It's true that first impression is not all about the clothes. But it is true that you have to dress up appropriately when you go for an interview right?

I should snap a picture of that old man to better visualize how he looked like. Don't blame me for sounding like a 'divo' who knows everything well, because the other people around him also looked at him with disgrace.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


1. I first listened to this song last night at my university annual students drag show.
2. Highlight: 'Malaysia' is in the lyrics.
3. The singer is a drag performer. lol.

Everybody line up
The show is about to start
Places, the show is about to start
You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look
Faces, beautiful
No one ugly allowed

Are you ready? Here we go

Fashion is the art, designers are the gods
Models play the part of angels in the dark
Which one of you would ever dare to go against
That beauty is a trade and everyone is paid

Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?

New York, London, Paris, Milan
Tokyo, I think it's in Japan
Asia, Malaysia, Las Vegas to play
LA, if you pay my way

Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?

(Who you wearing?)
Sean John, Calvin Klein
Donna Karan's fashion line
Valentino, YSL
Ferragamo and Chanel
Holsten, Gucci, Figla, Rucci
Don't forget my Pucci
Fendi and Armani
God, I miss Gianni
Kenneth Cole, Michael Korrs
Mr. Ford I can't afford
D&G and BCBG
Looking good is never easy
Alexander Perkovich
Naomi Campbell such a bitch
I wanna be Delgada
To fit into my Prada
Oscar de la Renta
Louis Vuitton
Imitation of Christ, beauty has a price

Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?

What are you wearing?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Emak, ayah...I miss you both!

When the sun is shining,
We forget all the nightmares that make us trembling,
When the night is crawling in,
We forget to say 'thank you' to the moon for reflecting some faint light in.

We forget to look down when we see nothing but beautiful blue sky.
I talked to my friend yesterday,
He said; "Tomorrow is my mother's birthday",
I said; "I have nothing to give, except Al-Fatihah"
I know exactly how you feel,
I try to put myself in your shoes and yes, it's very painful.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
Jika ibu bapaku ditakdirkan pergi dahulu sebelum ku,
Izinkan mereka pergi di ribaanku,
Jika aku ditakdirkan pergi dahulu sebelum mereka,
Ambillah nyawaku ketika aku di pangkuan mereka.
Sesungguhnya tiada yang lebih berharga selain cintaMu dan kasih mereka.
Panjangkan umur mereka, berikan mereka kesihatan. Ameen.