Saturday, October 4, 2008

Work @ Simmons dining hall

Hi all,

USD7.75 per hour for doing a simple or in a rude word 'a low-class job' is really cool!
As compared to Malaysia, we will be paid for only RM3 - RM5 for doing this kind of job. That's pathetic! There are couple reasons why I decided to work.

First - MONEY!!! I'm craving for dollars to do shopping, traveling, and other cool stuff! Well, I'm not hot enough to be a money boy. LOL, just kidding.

Second - SSN (Social security number). Working is an easy way to obtain an SSN.

Third - FRIENDS. This is a great way to get myself out from the crowd (Malaysians) and mingle with Americans and other international students. But, Malaysians remain on top of my heart.

Fourth - EXPERIENCE. This is a great opportunity to gain more and more working experience. Start from below and then succeed when we are on top!

and more reasons...

Although working part time is a bit tiring, I believe that every single calory I burn is worth thousands benefits in turn. Till then, have a great day!

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miera said...

ak nk keje jugak! =)