Sunday, October 26, 2008

They were once seen in they are in front of me!

October 17-18, 2008
They were two awesome days!!! I went to Washington DC to celebrate raya at Malaysia Embassy with other Penn Staters and some Malaysians in the US. It was such a great occasion except those speeches at the beginning of the event. Well nobody would listen when everyone was so excited meeting his/her old friends. Finally, I met lemang and sate this year...hilang kempunan, besides, they also served variety of kuih raya, nasi beriani and rendang. At first, the foods made me felt like home but the chilly breeze blowed the feeling away. WTF. spoil giler but overall, i loved to be there and i enjoyed every moment i spent with my friends.

After the 'finger licking good' session ended, we drove straight away to the historical and memorial places in DC. That was the perfect moment in my life. It was a dream came true. It was fantastic. I got the chance to see
the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and walk by the Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial Park...everything that I saw in the TV was in front of me on that amazing moment. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to see White House because we didn't have enough time. But nevermind, I am willing to travel more than 4 hrs just to see the next US President walking down the White House's front stairs.


miera said...

gempak seyh pix ko.
kt NY nnt amik pix lagi gempak eyh

wORd of wINd by Shafar Shahril said...

klu ade ko..b'tmbh mood cam whore ak