Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raya di Penn State

Salam and hi everyone,
This morning, muslims at Penn State were celebrating eid mubarak. It was a simple yet memorable celebration. We started to pray at 8.05am at the Spiritual Center in campus. During the khutbah, i was thinking about Malaysian foods, rendang, ketupat, nasi himpit with sambal kacang and kuah lodeh-the must have foods.

Then we had our breakfast which was prepared by pak Arabs and to be honest, I don't like their foods. Well, I have a malay tongue which will only love malay foods. But I enjoyed eating the foods. After filling up my hungry stomach, I snapped pictures to keep all these memories still in the frames.

After classes, my friends and I 'cam whored' around campus and we captured some beautiful shots. You may see those pictures in my facebook or friendster and don't forget to leave comments! W-O-W


agzamry said...

to my dear fren
those pic is amazing and really captured the moment...glad to see you happy celebrating raya at people's place..i know deepn in ur heart you`re crying..but thats life huh...
anyway by having this can drop any message that you think is relevant for me to know..
if u want to tell me somthing or you are having prob dont feel hesitate to msg me kay~
all da best in ur studies.
im having a mandarin test and hectic week.
be good and take a good care of ur self kay~

diL* said...

shafaR comeL *wink*

agzamry said...

yeah agreed..the song is so damn nice..if u read the lyric..
anyway...macam mana di sana?ok ka sume?
nanti download lah lagu2 dia..yek~hehe pomot nih~