Thursday, November 13, 2008

new baby

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to my life my new baby
I guess I did a crazy thing yesterday
But the craziness worth happiness
I bought a kitten from Animal Kingdom
He's so cute and gorgeous
It was kind of hard to choose
between him and another kitten
But I ended up with this cutey kitty

He has a name..Vogee
He is just a toy but he is my new bestfriend


Amir Azmi said...

OMG!! harap2 vogee x jd mcm momo.. haha..

wORd of wINd by Shafar Shahril said...

vogee sgt vogue
momo in memory~

miera said...

hahaha.aku dah penyek2 kan dia.oh yeay!!!

wORd of wINd by Shafar Shahril said...

mirae jht
nnti klu ko bli ak nk penyek2 kucing ko

inkylicious said...

kiut gile weh. kiut gileeeeeeeee

Shafar Shahril said...

tq inkylicious

darah bunga sahara said...

alahai..cute nyer..
mcm akak jer..ahahaha.. lucky to stay in such open minded country..
if u live in sepintar..
you will only get this phrase shafar..
haza syaiton..!!!

Shafar Shahril said...

esan...bkn haza syaiton
hazihi syaitonah

whatever said...

so cute!!
nk satu bleh..
hehehe.. :P