Thursday, December 17, 2009

B.Y.S ah-ha

Case#1: A fresh graduate was waiting in a line for a job interview. He got a message from one of his friends; "Hey dude, good luck and just be yourself".  He replied; "I'm being the one that the company needs, not myself obviously".

Case#2: A husband divorced his wife because she didn't know how to cook. Two months ago, the man said; "I love you for whoever you are, just be yourself".

Life is a stage, we are the players and fake is the conflict. We have hidden personality and we also have 'what-you-are-supposed-to-have' characteristics. I don't agree with the word "be yourself" because sometimes what is ourselves is something that is disgusting to others. I loved when Tyra Banks said; "I want you to be beautiful inside out" because we are imperfect but we can make ourselves better if we learn how to change. We are not defined as what we always defined as 'ourselves'; in some situation YES, but most of the time NO. Please stop saying 'be yourself' if you don't really mean it.

 You can edit photos. However, you can't edit your life; but, you can make attempts and learn from mistakes.


ringo said...

tapi macam kau tulis tu lah, bukan semua perkara juga.
ada2 sesetengah situasi memang kita kena bertoleransi sedikit untuk memenuhi keperluan situasi tersebut.
bukan hipokrit,tetapi tu lah.
tapi semua manusia pun hipokrit zaman sekarang nh.
hipokrit pun ada adab2 nya.

nak jadi sendiri?

tapi kenalkah siapa diri sendiri itu?

ringo said...

great entry,seriously.
love it.

Ejay said...

'be yourself' bkn bermaksud kita tak perlu berubah utk perbaiki kelemahan diri
'be yourself' bkn reason utk org lain terima kelemahan diri kita
'be yourself' adalah supaya kita jd org yg jujur dgn diri sendiri
if you can fake to hide ur flaws, it's your ability, you just being you.. so 'be yourself' jugak la tu kan?

well, you can always twist & turn. it's all about perspective shaf...
whether u look at it in positive or negative way.

btw, this entry is great & the picture is greater...

Salam Maal Hijrah. kita boleh ubah nasib diri kita sendiri... kalo tak nak berubah, redha sahaja pd takdir. simple kan?

W[A]NZAI said...

hohoo like your last quote..

kalau la idup ni bleh edit mcm edit pict tuh,kn bgs..ah-ha! =p

shafarshahril said...


nice thought!

shafarshahril said...


wow..ini entry di dalam entry ni. thanks anyway. yup twisting and turning are what a philosophy is.

shafarshahril said...


yup.if life is editable, it isn't life then.

Ami Rah said...

yo so true yo!.

shafarshahril said...


AdiE said...

exactly dude...

Aiman Ariffin said...

to me its more complicated than how it is. I mean, "be yourself" differs for each individual. When i say be yourself basically i meant not be fake. However it applies differently if YOURSELF are unfavorable by people.

LOL im crapping

shafarshahril said...

@Aiman Ariffin

gotcha aiman. hehe