Saturday, October 23, 2010

some little things about facebook?

1. 'Class Year' is the year of your graduation, not your admission year. Eg.: Class of 2010 means you graduated or will be graduating in 2010.

2. You are not supposed to say 'Interested in: men AND women' unless you are bisexual (this is based on how Americans define 'interested in'; it's probably like 'I like to have sex with'). But, if you define it as 'I'd like to have male and female friends', it's totally fine. Americans are so blonde, aren't they?

3. It's true that Facebook is a social networking site but adding strangers as friends is just not my forte. I'll prolly do that for This is rather one's preference though.

4. I actually didn't really want to list this one down but it's kinda interesting: Have you ever met someone who likes to take vain pictures and asks people to give comments? It's not wrong at all, it's just weird (well, at least for me).

Again, all of them are truly my opinion, excluding the first one. You're still the coolest person if you don't agree with me. =)


asna ashraff said...

who said that CLASS YEAR is an admission year? kah kah kah :D

AdiE said...

CLASS YEAR?? mmm...sounds cool..

Anonymous said...

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