Thursday, October 21, 2010

re: Hi !

Hey bloggers,

I have one draft that was supposed to be posted 5 months ago but I got it fossilized in my posting list. 2 days ago, I decided to shut down my blog because I seem to kinda abandoning it for the past 6 months, for God's sake. But I couldn't find the link to deactivate the account (don't LOL, please!), so my blog remains active till today and hopefully till the end of the day.

I'm writing this post is actually to say 'hi' again after quite a long silence. So, hi everyone! Not really sure how many followers I had the last time I signed in to my blogspot account but I think the number has slightly increased. Thank you guys, though it was not my primary goal to have a bunch of cool followers but having you means a lot, it really does. It may be weird to talk to some random strangers on a road, but 'talking' via blogspot is fun, isn't it?

I am not really sure what kind of shits I am going to write for my future posts but hopefully I'll have something to ramble about. Later...


AdiE said...

so, jgn la stop blogging...cian followers kamu tau...

Judiene said...

yeah, don't stop blogging
once a blogger, always a blogger

btw, i'm your silence reader before this.
now i show myself