Monday, January 4, 2010

Naked and thrilled!

One morning, Miami and Orlando met in a cafe for a simple breakfast.

Miami: Good morning Orlando. How are you doing today?
Orlando: Morning Miami. I'm good but just a bit tired after having so much fun with roller coasters and other   thrilling rides yesterday. How about you?
Miami: I'm feeling great. Yesterday was awesome. The beaches were beautiful and I could barely remember that I am going to get back to work next week.
Orlando: I heard it somewhere that Miami has few beaches and one of them is open for anyone who wants to swim without any cloth on.
Miami: Yeah, but it depends on how lucky you are. But half-naked people are also good to see. Haha. Did you go to Universal Studios and Disney World?
Orlando: Yup, I think Universal Studios is way cooler than Disney. But if you are a kid, Disney is a great place to make your fantasies come true. What else do you have in Miami?
Miami: We have a lively night life. It's good to see people laughing, smiling and drinking margaritas. It's a crowded place anyway. If you wish to have some privacy, you better take Miami out of the list. But If you wish to "wash-wash your eyes" and "fishing the fish in the water", Miami is the place for you. LOL
Orlando: Sounds awesome. Well, I have something to catch up. Anyway, nice to see you Miami.
Miami: Nice to see you too Orlando.

Here are some pictures of my trip to Florida. Click here for more.


k.A said...

*berdoa moga ada gmbr naked dlm pics tuh

tengku_fir21 said... lebih cantik dari orlando...

shafarshahril said...


doa tidak termakbul nmpaknya

shafarshahril said...


yup. agree. tp orlando lg thrill