Friday, December 19, 2008

Ting tong...announcing the arrival of....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dia datang
Dengan lenggang lenggoknya
Dia datang
Dengan suara gediknya
Dia datang!

Haha...amir dtg penn state

He's gonna stay here for 10 days
We will laugh and forget all the sorrows
We will cry and share our stories
We will walk and never turn back
We will stop and pose like we haven't captured pictures together


Anonymous said...

hahahaahhaaha.. "dgn suara gediknya"?? x leh blah.. hahahahaha.. 10 days.. yea, u better make my trip worth it, okay ;p
engat tema kita: makan2, lepak2, tido2, jalan2.. hahahaha..
so far, i love staying here.. it's like at cemara during holidays.. people said it's boring.. not for me as i'm with the people whom i belong with =)

-Amir Azmi

munirah said...

shafar, kamu di tag!