Thursday, December 25, 2008

7 first wishes that come to my mind

Thursday, December 25, 2008

1. I wish to get a present from 'Santa Claus'. Although there is no serombong in my apartment,
I wish there would be someone to knock my house and leave a parcel with my name written on it

2. I wish I could fly back to Malaysia and meet everyone that I love. I miss all of them. My parents, my mom always said that she miss me whenever I talked to her, and we both ended up sobbing. My niece and nephew, and one person who gave me hope but now leave me breathless. Please, help me breathe again.

3. I wish I could stay by the seashore, and eye on those half naked or preferably full naked people along the beach.

4. I wish to have a car to travel to my dream places.

5. I wish I could jump from the sky and fell on a huge comfy pillow.

6. I wish to find kangkung goreng belacan in US.

7. I wish to have someone to poke me now and say: 'In your dream...~'

-Muni, thanks for tagging me.

1 comment:

LyA said...

kangkung goreng belacan never taste so YUMMY!!

*selepas taw ade org ngidam kangkung goreng blacan..sian de..huhu*