Monday, April 11, 2011

Ayam penyet

1) I didn't realize wrinkles have started to show up on my forehead, that doesn't matter that much anyway. The fact that I will be receiving my B.S degree this May counterfeits all the negative forces. I can't believe that it takes this long just to get that piece of paper, it better be a good one!

2) Secured a job at GlaxoSmithKline in King of Prussia and will be starting in early June. Then I'll once again step on a stage to grab my master's scroll in Dec. Oh Allah, please give me the strength to keep on surviving.

3) Oh yeah, I've heard about ayam penyet so much lately, is it a trending food now? Whatever it is, I can't wait to be back to Malaysia to stuff it in my mouth.


Danial said...

Ayam penyet? That was sooooo 2008.

::~aFiFaHaNi~:: said...

Ayam Penyet, knowing this menu when i was studying at Sarawak..actually, the original recipe of this menu come from Indonesia. hmm..what make it so special is the 'Ulam', soup and the most important, the 'sambal'. kalu org yg reti buat, mmg sgt sedap.