Saturday, February 26, 2011

Born this way or that way?

Imagine in this world, all people are the same. No black, no asian, no hispanic, no white, no arab. No blonde, no brunette. No taller, no smaller, no shorter, no bigger, no slimmer. To sum them up, everyone is just the same, everyone is just the clone of another. Well, obviously we don't want that to happen, even if we are ugly or out of the list of 'standard looks', we will still appreciate the fact that we are different, minus the fact that most people want to look like all those good lookings.

How about something that we can barely see from our naked eyes? Like gays, bisexuals, straights; though we can pretty much say that Ellen DeGeneres is gay even if she didn't happen to come out in 1997. If black is a mutation of white, then is gay a mutation of straight? or vice versa? Why should there be differences? And are all those mutations bad? Can we throw them under the bus? I couldn't help but wonder: were we born this way or are we supposed to be born that way? Life is easy if everyone is living in the same shoes.

Anyway, I'm going to Lady Gaga concert this evening in Pittsburgh! She better make it worth each dollar I spent.

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asna ashraff said...

gosh!!! gosh i envy you :)