Tuesday, March 9, 2010

School break isn't fun without some fantasies.

If I were given the chance to be more than what I am supposed to be (which I don't really know), I would like to be:

1. A screenplay writer. I want to write a story about an ugly gecko-looking population that lives in a beautiful moon outside the milky way galaxy......earn billions of dollars and become a prominent figure by winning an Oscar.

2. A lawyer. I love debating and making up statements that aren't necessarily true but I will make it sound true. Plus, it's a trend of suing nowadays (remind you not to post anything on facebook or blog etc without a proofreading). I always dream to say this line: "I'll see you in the court" (with a smirking evil face).

3. A steward. I want to serve foods and smile 24/7...IN THE SKY..which makes a steward and a waiter, different. I did a research on how to increase height without wearing a pair of 5" heels and it turns out that the best natural way to increase height is by correcting body postures with some exercises.LAME.

4. A burglar. Woahaa. Sounds BRUTAL, but how about this: A soul's burglar...steal someone's heart and make the person begs for a togetherness. Sounds SHAKESPEARE? or rock kapak?

5. A doctor. I want to ask my patients: "Sakit ape?" though I know the fact that I am the one who is supposed to check what kind of trouble my patients are getting into. Telling my patients to eat right and exercise regularly and for a second, forget how big my tummy is. Prescribe some drugs and get paid.

---> Pernah tak korang mimpi yang korang jadi atau buat sesuatu yang korang tak pernah terfikir? Aku pernah mimpi ketagih dadah. It was an awful but cool nightmare.


asna ashraff said...

aku menjadi tooth fairy :D

haha don't be a doctor. its not as easy as it seems, and i hate docs ;p

sYukCurZ said...

hum.. mimpi? jarang2 sgt berlaku. klu ade pon esok pagi bgn mesti aku da lupa. sambil bertanya pd diri sendiri,aku mimpi ape yg best sgt td ek?

si ninaa la ! said...

be a Godfather. hahaa

.o r k e d. said...

mao jd supermodel.haha

Anonymous said...

i x mimpi.. i bercita-cita.. nk jadi kaya.. rich, famous and dirrrrrrrty.. haha

shafarshahril said...

@asna ashraff

i hate dentist

shafarshahril said...


penah gak cmtu.n org ckp slalunye mimpi cmtu bole jd kenyataan

shafarshahril said...

@si ninaa la !

i just want to be an angel. lol

shafarshahril said...

@.o r k e d.

jd lah!

shafarshahril said...

@No One

i bercita-cita nk ade 1 apt. kt upper east side of manhattan

Anonymous said...

Wow! Soul's burglar. Sounds cool!

LOL. It's freaking-true about the doctor description. Especially on tummy tu. Hahaha. But not all of them la kan. Dr Sheikh Muszaphar tough what. *wink.