Friday, October 9, 2009

Emak, ayah...I miss you both!

When the sun is shining,
We forget all the nightmares that make us trembling,
When the night is crawling in,
We forget to say 'thank you' to the moon for reflecting some faint light in.

We forget to look down when we see nothing but beautiful blue sky.
I talked to my friend yesterday,
He said; "Tomorrow is my mother's birthday",
I said; "I have nothing to give, except Al-Fatihah"
I know exactly how you feel,
I try to put myself in your shoes and yes, it's very painful.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
Jika ibu bapaku ditakdirkan pergi dahulu sebelum ku,
Izinkan mereka pergi di ribaanku,
Jika aku ditakdirkan pergi dahulu sebelum mereka,
Ambillah nyawaku ketika aku di pangkuan mereka.
Sesungguhnya tiada yang lebih berharga selain cintaMu dan kasih mereka.
Panjangkan umur mereka, berikan mereka kesihatan. Ameen.


Ejay said...

this is sooooo deep.
i love my parents too.
who doesn't?

shafarshahril said...

we all love our parents
we just sometimes forget to appreciate them

biarlah rahsia said...

i love my parent miss them..huhu..anyway..salam perkenalan..terlepak jap..hehe..xpe kan..

shafarshahril said...

biarlah rahsia...
sila2, jgn segan2, wat mcm rumah sndiri

biarlah rahsia said...
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Ami Rah said...

ala, you make me want to balik Malaysia lah summer depan. cmne nih.hhua hua hua

shafarshahril said...

pulanglah cik mirae